About us


West Highland white terrier kennel “BOGARHAZI” was established in October 1989, registered in FCI, under the number 2711. My name is Zita Sarnyai- Kotlas. I have first started to breed English Cocker and my first dog was a female names BOGAR, she was born in 1986. That is how the kennel got the name, BOGARHAZI. After searching for two years, I have finally bought my first Westie, in 1991 and ever since I had a kennel with Westies. Soon after, I was completely bedazzled with Westies, and they have become my obsession, resulting in the only breed I now have and breed in my kennel hosszú ideig. I loved their temperament, cheerful and cute looks, smart, intelligent eyes where you can see the challenge, as if the westies are always wondering: who is the boss here? You or me? You can never be bored if you have westies around.. Our lives are full of play and joy. They can always give us and surprise us with something new that we have never experienced before. Westies are full of surprise. Their bodies are restless; their souls wonderful, their hearts are brave and their minds- unreachable! To me they look like cute little devils who know how far they can go, but just to make sure who they are always tease you. And they are always so lovely and you can never get mad at them. Westies have given me many wonderful moments, not just me, but anyone who has a Westie. And they will share those moments with all of you who decide to have a Westie and make them part of your family.

In 2004 I was introduced to another wonderful breed, PUG! Soon after they have become new stars of my kennel! They colored our ‘white’ world and brought so much fun into everyday life! When I look into their eyes I see pure and honest love and nothing but devotion and understanding. Whenever I see these sweet clowns who snore and make funny sounds – my day just gets better! How else could it be when you have such sweet creatures like them right beside you?! I am sure that whoever had a pug will always choose this breed and all those who own a pug know exactly what I am talking about!

I also must mention another breed of dogs that live with me but which I am not breeding in the kennel. I only keep him as a guard dog and have been keeping them for 30 years now. It is KUVASZ! He is the one to keep us safe at night and keeps the unwanted intruders away. He makes us feel very safe and sound. I am impressed by this noble, brave and intelligent dog who never has to be trained and told what to do as he does everything instinctively. I cannot imagine my life and my home without him! He has become my greatest need!

I hope I have succeeded in introduction of our little team and that you will enjoy watching/reading these pages as much as I enjoy living with them!

At the end, I would like to thank everyone who decided to get BOGARHAZI dogs in the past and enrich their lives. I hope you have enjoyed having them as much as I did!