NDS Osjek-Djakovo/CRO

April 14-15 th, sunny weekend in NDS Osjek-Djakovo/CRO!!Our reasults: 1st day/Osjek judge: Mrs Tatjana Urek (SLO) Bogarhazi RED BULL CAC, BOB Bogarhazi RED ROSE CAC, BOS 2nd day/Djakovo judge: Mr Tino Pehar (CRO) Bogarhazi RED ROSE CAC , BOB Bogarhazi RED BULL CAC, BOS Whit this reasults ROSIE and RAJAH ganed the title of JUNIOR […]

IDS Belgrade-BOY continue whit his victory!!!

05.03.2017. Belgrad, IDS Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison, aka BOY had  his 5 victory in  row!! He got CAC, CACIB BOB at honorable judge  Jean Francois Vanaken (B)!! It was nice to see how he judge dogs !! I’m plased to meet him! We also had have new “star” very first time in the ring!! Bogarhazi Patent […]

Fehova WinrerDogShow- Budapest

We are very proud and happy whit great debute our youth BOY- BOGARHAZI HYPNOTIC POISON! In Feruary 16.-17.18.19. he made amazing reasult in hard concurency on Winterdogshow in Budapest and whit this he gained Hungaryan Champion title!! I’m more then proud of him!! His reasults on Fehova- WinterDodShow: 16. 02.2017. BOY- Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison V1, […]

Derby Show SRB

We spent wonderful day whit our friends and whit our BOY on DERBY SHOW who judge  the honorable Judge MIlovan D. Protic in Debeljaca!! Boy was a great as always and give best of self (as always!)!He got   CAC , & BOB this time and open championship in Serbia! Thanks for great expert Mr Protic […]

Duble National Show Serbia

After hard and very sad week we spent nice and relaxing weekend on duble National show in KD Potisje Senta and Tisa Mol! Our boys did it very well again!! 22.10.2016. CAC Tisa Mol Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison “BOY” JCAC, JBOB, BOB & finished his Junior Championship of Serbia!! 🙂 Bogarhazi Fever CAC 23.10.2016. CAC KD […]

Boy’s Puppies

I’v got a wonderful pictures from Spain!! I’m very happy to see how lovely looks doughters from my beloved youth male Bogarhazi Hypnotic POISON!! Thank you Marta Leite Ribeiro to make me so happy and good luck whit my grand children!! ( I’m garnd mum, o my God, maybe I’m to old??!!!)

National Show Coka /SRB

Windy but very exiting day spent today in National Show in Coka!! Our boys did again very nice job! Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison V1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB Bogarhazi Fever CAC Thanks for this wonderful reasult to our practised judge Miodrag Mile Nikic!!! Im very happy and proud of my boys!! 🙂

Champion Show Komarom/Hu

Amazig days are behide us! On Champion show in Komarom/Hungary our dogs did very well!! Our reasults are: 07.10.2016. IDS Komarom Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison V1, JCAC Bocans Blade V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB , short listed on Terrier groop under judge Iris Urschitz (A)!! 08.10.2016. IDS Komátom/Cruft Qualification show Bogarhazí Hypnotic Poison V1, JCAC, JBOB Bocans […]

CAC Turija/SRB

01.10.2016. Great day spent in Turija CAC show, one of best organizated show in Serbia! We had a pleasure to have Kristina Tar (UKR) as judge! Long time I have”nt so profound and correct judging as she did! Thank you Mrs Tar very much! Bogarhazi Hypnotic Poison JCAC Bogarhazi Fever CAC, BOS Unfortunately my camera […]